Crish Panchal, Director of The Mango Tree and Jack Tree, who originally hailed from the clothing industry, has realized her dream with the opening of krish, a chic Ethnic and fusion wear studio which caters to the discerning fashionista, with clothes ranging from Bollywood glamour to casual everyday chic.   Stocked with fabulous range of ethnic, formal, semi-formal, indo-western and contemporary clothing, krish also has accessories, handbags and an intricate collection of jewelry.  It’s Kurtis’ and tunics; carry unusual Indian prints and modern cuts and in this lies krish’s appeal.   The charming studio also offers incredibly reasonably priced eastern and western wear that have strong North Indian influences.
“We believe that there is a formidable demand for North Indian clothing that has not yet been fulfilled in Colombo and therefore we hope to satisfy this hunger.  krish clothing is on par with the latest fashion trends in India and we aim to provide the latest trends and therefore the studio is filled with up to date clothing that matches present styles”, said Crish.   A very important feature of krish is that only limited articles of each style of clothing are available, ensuring that it is highly unlikely that a woman sporting krish outfits will run into anyone in the same ensemble!  krish also has a rich collection of silver jewelry infused with Tanjore art and semi-precious stones, pearls, glass pieces and gold.    The name of the studio, krish, signifies that the collection is as precious and exclusive as a Gold krish.   Its interiors are decorated with Mughal architecture and paintings.   krish is a must visit store and is guaranteed to win everybody’s heart.
Crishanthi Panchal epitomizes the adage - ‘Good Things Come in Small Packages’. The petite dynamo exudes confidence, versatility and compassion in the multiple hats she wears as an entrepreneur, wife, mother, dancer, painter, krishe black belt and lover of life. 
As the owner of the boho chic, ethnic clothing store, krish Women Clothing and Jewellery Studio, Crishanthi has introduced a new paradigm in clothing trends in Sri Lanka, encouraging women to embrace the ethnic look to carve out a distinct style vibe. Since it was set up 2 years ago, krish stands out as the only ethnic store of its kind, inviting the bold and confident women to express herself through the store’s eclectic collection.  
Yet another hat she dons is that of a successful restaurateur. At the helm of popular restaurants, Mango Tree and Jack Tree, located in Colombo, she is a boss her staff look up to, knowing too well that she is never willing to take no for an answer. Completely hands-on and uncompromising in maintaining high standards that the two leading restaurants are known for, she looks into all aspects of their operation. 
A self-professed multitasker, she takes a break from her busy schedule by practicing krishe moves with her sensei or choreographing Bollywood dances for cultural events, having even conducted Bollywood dance classes in the past. Crishanthi is a muIti-faceted personality who manages many roles and relentlessly pursues multiple interests with the same passion. If that wasn’t enough, she has also renewed her love for painting recently, her brush strokes becoming more confident with each passing day.
Passionate about clothing, she is carving out a distinct niche for their range of quality ethnic clothing that is affordable yet classy. krish also features a unique range of jewelry, with unusual craftsmanship sourced from India. 
The fabrics and styles on offer at krish are unusual and reflect a wide selection from all corners of India. Tangoral, a rare form of jewelry, with an intricate design embedded with pearls and colored glass, is one unique kind of jewellery showcased at krish. Eager to propel krish ahead as one of the leading shopping destinations in Colombo, she is brimming with ideas to add further value to the store. 
Crishanthi lives in Colombo with her husband, two kids currently studying abroad, mother and 2 dogs!